Form & Function

Expression of Truth/Beauty

The ultimate goal for this project is to create a structural bridge that supports a pedestrian walkway, as well as, have the ability of the walkway to open allowing a 30 foot by 40 foot object to pass through. The way that the bridge opens will resemble the mechanisms of an everyday object.

Conceptual Spans

The goal was to find bridges with unique shapes that could further inspire the design of a movable bridge.

Bridge Inspirations

Three bridges were chosen to inspire the design of the final product.

Howrah Bridge

Howrah, India


Forth Bridge

Edinburgh, Scotland

Tyne Bridge

Tyne, United Kingdom


Movement Analogies

The movement of the final bridge will be based on one of these three objects.

Conceptual Combination Table

The goal was to envision how the roadbed of the bridge would move using the movement analogies of the objects.

Movement Mechanism of an Eyelash Curler


Preliminary Conceptual Designs


Final Design